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Guido de Marco Advocates is a Malta based law practice that brings together leading legal specialists offering advice, support and solutions to clients active across all industries. The client base of the firm ranges from the individual client, to small & medium sized corporations, right up to the largest global conglomerates and institutions.

The firm was set up in 1966 by the late Guido de Marco. Professor de Marco imparted on the firm and its practitioners the ethos of mastering the subject, understanding our client business, always being prepared and principled. This has always pushed our advocates to provide seamless, efficient and effective advice. We remain solution oriented and professional in our approach. Achieving service excellence is our constant goal.
The firm has advised multiple major investment projects, multi-jurisdictional matters and has been involved in various complex transactions over the span of now well over five decades.

Continued training, innovation and academic excellence are core values for the members of our team. We believe that our experience and jurisdictional knowledge serve to the benefit of our clients’ interests.

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